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giovedì 28 luglio 2011

Phar Lap DOS Extender (1991)

Phar Lap DOS Extender (1991)

Il testo dice:
Build multi-megabyte programs with Phar Lap’s 386|DOS-Extender.
If the DOS 64OK limit is driving you nuts, get all the memory you want with 386|DOS-Extender from Phar Lap.
Large-scale benefits. By turning DOS into a the 32-bit operating system, 386|DOS-Extender shatters the 640K barrier. It lets you create protected mode applications that use all the memory in the machine — up to 4 gigabytes. You work within a flat, 32-bit address space. No more suffering with overlays, bank-switched EMS, or segmentation.
With full 32-bit memory and power you can finally build workstation-class applications for the PC. Your Extended—DOS programs will run considerably faster have room for more features, and be more responsive than those in 16-bit DOS.
And if that’s not enough, add Phar Lap’s 386|VMM virtual memory manager. With true demand—paging, 386|VMM enables your application to grow bigger than available RAM. Both code and data are automatically swapped to disk as needed.
Total compatibility. Because 386|DOS-Extender is embedded into your program, it is invisible to the enckuser Your program looks exactly like any other DOS application. There ’s no new operating environment for your end—users to buy or learn.
Every 80386 PC that can run MS-DOS or PC-DOS can run 386|DOS-Extender. It is completely compatible with all DOS-based software, including TSRs and network
386|DOS-Extender is backed by a full complement of 32-bit languages. Chooseyour favorite from among C, Fortran, Pascal, Ada, Assembler and others. And with Phar Lap, you’ll be using the finest, most widely used 386 software development tools in the world.
Proven success. AutoCAD 386, IBM Interleaf Publisher, and Paradox 386 are just a few of the hundreds of Extended-DOS applications already being shipped with 386|DOS—Extender. Utilizing this exciting new technology, industry leaders are keeping their competitive edge by delivering the speed and power that 386 users have been waiting for.
So if DOS is looking smaller than ever, call Phar Lap today.
And see what it’s like beyond 640K.
PharLap 386|DOS-Extender.
We open a world of memory.

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