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Quando iniziai questo blog decisi di utilizzare Ipernity come servizio di hosting per le immagini: l'interfaccia era gradevole, il servizio gratuito e chiunque poteva scaricare le immagini nel formato che più gli piaceva. Nell'aprile del 2013 le condizioni di servizio sono cambiate all'improvviso e senza preavviso: nessuno può più scaricare immagini gratuitamente, neppure io. Il mio lavoro di anni è rimasto in possesso di Ipernity e le mie immagini sono ostaggio del loro sito: o pago o non posso né riprendermele né consentire ai visitatori di queste pagine di scaricarle. Sto, faticosamente, recuperando i file da fortunosi backup, facendo di nuovo le scansioni mancanti e sostituendo le immagini sui post; piano, piano tutto sarà sul mio Google Drive e di nuovo liberamente scaricabile.
Meditate, gente.

martedì 30 luglio 2013

MicroProducts PowerLisp (1987)

Run Larger Applications On Smaller Machines.
PowerLisp™ supports complex AI applications today. PowerLisp™ is the first complete Professional AI development environment for PC' s*. With PowerLisp™, it is now possible to develop and run serious professional 60 mega- byte applications on 3 megabyte PC machines!

Achieve The Speed, Power And Performance Of A Symbolic Processor On Any 3 Megabyte PC AT Or 386.
PowerLisp™is the only PC-based AI Environment to offer virtual memory. By reallocating usable address space via 286/386 Address Translation Hardware, virtual memory allows development and implementation of full 60 megabyte applications on a PC/AT compatible, or Intel™ 386 processor, with all of the speed, power and performance characteristics of a mainframe or specialized AI machine.
No longer will lack of address space (or expense of hardware) limit your application! The additional program space virtual memory provides enables the creation of applications never before thought possible for a PC-based system.

Virtual Memory ls The Answer For AI On A PC.
By nature, the better AI applications tend to be large, and before PowerLisp™, had to run on expensive dedicated systems, such as mainframes or symbolic processors. The decrease in speed and performance normally associated with running large AI applications on PC based systems has been eliminated with PowerLisp™.

Your Development System Is Your Delivery System.
The price/performance ratio PowerLisp™ delivers makes it a very attractive alternative to many other more costly AI environments, especially in cases where the application you develop needs to be delivered to users ar low cost.

The Complete Implementation Of lnterLisp™ For The PC AT Or 386 And More.
InterLisp™, originally developed for use on a PDP-10, has now been successfully ported to run on the microcomputer. With virtual memory, PowerLisp™ is, without question, the most powerful and most complete professional development environment for the PC. PowerLisp™ also contains many of the features of Common Lisp such as packages, multiple-value returns, catch and throw forms, etc.

A Complete, Professional Development Environment.
Even though development is performed on a PC, PowerLisp™ offers all of the high-level tools necessary to develop professional level AI applications quickly and efficiently. Aside from the conventional array of sophisticated program editing and debugging features, PowerLisp™ includes high-level tools such as DWIM (or Do What I Mean), which automatically corrects many typos and entry errors; Masterscope, a unique static program analyzer; CLISP a complex and useful iteration facility; and Programmer's Assistant,   which allows commands to be redone or undone.  With all of it's advanced tools, PowerLisp™ is  actually easier to use than many conventional programming languages.

Large AI Applications Have Already Been Ported To PowerLisp™.
PowerLisp™ has been chosen as the implementation language for multiple applications. Two particularly complex applications include THEMIS™ (a natural language query system), and EMYCIN, an expert system shell. THEMIS™ provides the user with the ability to query databases in English from a workstation. It incorporates the extensive windowing features of PowerLisp™ and utilizes the virtual memory capability. EMYCIN is an implementation of the expert systems shell originally developed at Stanford University. EMYCIN, extended by the addition of a windowed interface, takes advantage of the high-speed throughput and virtual memory available in PowerLisp™ to process large rule bases.

PowerLisp™ Supports Both The 286 And The 386.
If you find it difficult to choose between the 286 today, or wait for the 386 hardware to become available tomorrow, keep in mind that the 286 version of PowerLisp™ is fully compatible with the 386 version. The 286 application you develop today will not become obsolete for the 386. The 386 version directly supports the 386 instruction set and memory management hardware today. Very fast on a 286, PowerLisp™ will run up to 6 times faster on the 386!

Interested, But Need More Memory?
A PowerLisp™ option is available bundled with a 3 megabyte memory expansion board priced at $1695, or $1195 without the expansion board. The 386 version is priced at $1695.

Put PowerLisp™ To Work For You.

PowerLisp™ is the complete professional development environment you need to create complex AI applications on a PC. With virtual memory, PowerLisp™ is the ideal application to maximize price/performance ratios in development as well as delivery. Call our toll-free number today to order and for more information. Major credit cards are accepted.

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